Five Biggest Termite Myths Busted

In the world of termites, myths and half-truths abound. We won’t allow you become ensnared by the misinformation that is being given out. Following a termite myth can be devastating especially if the opposite of it is true. Termite infestation is a very big problem through which prevention and quick action is the best solution. To put you into the right path of termite control, here are the counterpoints to the five biggest myths about termites:

Myth #1. Termites can only be found in the Southern part of the United States.

False. Termites are found all over the U.S. except only in the state Alaska. Out of more than 2,000 termite species, 41 of them can be found in the U.S. and the top three are named – the subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. The termite activity is considerably active in the South because of the warm climate which makes it conducive for termite growth.

Myth #2. Keeping wood in the yard will prevent the termites from attacking the house.

False. Any firewood or wood scraps left lying around in the yard cannot deter the termites from attacking your home. The truth is you only provided them an accessible nourishment they need to make their colony grow faster. As soon as the wood outside are all consumed, the termites will start moving towards your house and go looking for food.

Myth #3. Termites are destroyed and removed when trees are uprooted and forests are leveled for land development.

False. Termites don’t primarily live on the wood. Majority of them have nests buried under the ground. When trees are taken out, only their food supply vanishes. So, termites begin to spread out and seek new food sources. They can then turn into the home that is newly constructed on the site and attack it for food.

Myth #4. Termites are destructive pests that serve no purpose.

False. All creatures have a beneficial purpose in some way, including the termites. Termites are natural decomposers, meaning they help breakdown dead wood and aid in nature’s recycling. Unfortunately, termites are extremely voracious eaters that even good wood at home are being gobbled up. Contact your local Pest Control Birmingham AL or you can have Mosquito Control Birmingham for help.

Myth #5. Termites can eat through concrete.

False. Termites only eat dead plant matter and wood. If you see termites through concrete, the likelihood is that there are already tiny cracks in the solid concrete which are unnoticeable before. The termites usually use the cracks as a safe passage. And as they continue to pass through, they cause it to widen, causing one to surmise they ate through the concrete.